A Passover Miracle — Happy Pesach!

Although this video is a year old, it still makes me laugh.

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As Jews gather for the Passover Seder this evening, they will not be alone. In a new tradition introduced by President Obama, the President and many guests will be holding their second-annual “White House Seder” this evening.

This special Seder, first done last year, sprung from Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Some staff members planned an improvised Seder while on the trail in Pennsylvania, and word filtered back to the boss.

Obama showed up with the salutation, “hey, is this the Seder?,” according to this fine account of the event. At evening’s end, Obama replaced the traditional declaration — “Next year in Jerusalem!” — with a bit of an update: “Next Year in the White House!”

And so it was. And even after Obama moves out, there will probably be many “next years” to come with White House Seders.

To everyone celebrating Passover out there, Happy Pesach!

[IMAGE via Pete Souza/The White House]

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